Hakatanomori Level Five Stadium

Hakatanomori Level Five Stadium







Now, Fukuoka’s fun. In the northwest of the southern island of Kyushu, it’s markedly closer to the continental mainland than to, say, Japan’s own capitol. It was a wandering monk from here who first brought Zen Buddhism and tea (!) to the Japanese mainland. It was a well timed typhoon wind of diving protection (or kamikaze) that saved Fukuoka from Mongol invasion way way back in the day. And its diversity continues to reflect this spirit of blessed outreach and import. Apparently, Fukuoka has the second highest concentration of restaurants in all Japan (and more than New York or Singapore!), and this includes the nation’s highest concentration of Spanish and Mexican restaurants, among many others. The port here welcomes the most long-haul visitors of any in the country, and the population is growing the fastest. Oh, and it’s got the lowest food prices in the country as well, so eat whatever you like! What Fukuokans like, for your reference, is yakitori grilled chicken skewers and an offal-based hotpot called motsunabe.


Home to Avispa Fukuoka Football

Completed 2001

Capacity 50,889

Access Take subway to Fukuoka Kuko Station, then catch Nishitetsu bus to Higashi-Hirao Koen-Iriguchi stop, and it’s a five minute walk from there.

Unique Japan Rugby Tour participants enjoy access to our chartered shuttles to and from your matches, as well as our pre/post-match parties.


Pool A Match 9

Ireland v Samoa
th October (Wed)
19:45 Kick-off

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