Egao Kenko Stadium

Egao Kenko Stadium



Kyushu’s Kumamoto is famous for its iconic castle and Suizenji Jojuen Garden. The Contemporary Art Museum offers a fun day out and a number of historically significant ancient shrines and other buildings are also cultural sites of interest. Enthusiasts of Japanese culture in the west would not go wrong to visit the home here of Lafcadio Hearn, the English-born writer who brought so much of the spirit of Japanese folk culture to life in English for the first time in his translations and original writings. The Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center has some fascinating offerings, and there’s plenty of street food to be enjoyed through the summer throughout the city. That said, there’s also the stunning Kumamoto countryside for which the prefecture is deservedly famous. Kumamoto’s famous for sea urchin in various delectable colours, and for karinto brown sugar donut sticks, among many other tasty treats!

Home to Roasso Kumamoto Football League

Completed 1998

Capacity 32,000

Access  Five to ten minutes by taxi from Hikarinomori Station
on the JR Hobi Line

Unique Japan Rugby Tour participants can access our chartered shuttles to and from your scheduled matches as well as our pre/post-match parties.


Pool C Match 7

France v Tonga
th October (Sun)
16:45 Kick-off


Pool D Match 10

Wales v Uruguay
th October (Sun)
17:15 Kick-off

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