Oita Bank Dome

Oita Bank Dome



We’d never have you come all this way without recommending a day in Beppu’s hell-themed hot baths. Other, more understated onsen hot bath resorts are of course also available, as are stunning lakes and mountains and caves. And the chance to take a bath in hot sand. Oh, and many barrelsfull of monkeys. And a village devoted to traditional crafts, and– This unassuming prefecture in the west of Kyushu is truly a gold mine… Oh, and did we mention there’s a gold mine? Food-wise, well, it’s all the comforts: deep-fried chicken and soft serve ice cream. (Oita’s known as ‘soft cream heaven’!) And Japanese-style dumplings. And the very fine fresh seafood of the southern island’s coast, cooked to perfection in the steam surging up from hell. Dig in.

Home to Oita Trinita J League Football

Completed 2001

Capacity 40,000

Access  Affectionately dubbed the ‘Big Eye’, Oita’s Bank Dome
is a half-hour shuttle ride from Oita Station on the JR Higo Line.

Unique Japan Rugby Tour participants can access our chartered shuttles to and from your scheduled matches as well as our pre/post- match parties.

Pool B Match 5

New Zealand v Repechage Winner
nd October (Wed)
17:15 Kick-off


Pool D Match 8

Wales v Fiji
th October (Wed)
18:45 Kick-off


Quarter-Final 1

Pool C Winner v Pool D Runner-Up
th October (Sat)
16:15 Kick-off


Quarter-Final 3

Pool D Winner v Pool C Runner-Up
th October (Sun)
16:15 Kick-off