Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA

Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA



Some of Shizuoka’s offerings include top grade green tea, the delightful beaches and hot springs and island getaways of the Izu Peninsula, and Mt Fuji herself right on the northern border. This prefecture’s also home to the world’s longest wooden pedestrian bridge, and the famous Shimada Taisai or Obi Festival, which happens to take place in October in that city every three years (the most recent occurring, incidentally, in 2016…). Aside from the green tea and Fujinomiya’s special yakisoba fried noodles, Shizuoka’s famous for its fruit production. And oden hot pot. And sake. And…


Home to J League Football’s Jubilo Iwata

Completed 2001

Capacity 50,889

Access  ECOPA Stadium is set within Ogasayama Nature & Sports Park
between the cities of Fukuroi and Kakegawa, a fifteen minute walk
from Aino Station on the JR Tokaido Line.

Unique Japan Rugby Tour participants can access our chartered shuttles to and from your scheduled matches as well as our pre/post- match parties.

Pool A Match 4

Japan v Ireland
28th September (Sat)
16:15 Kick-off

Pool A Match 8

Scotland v Russia
9th October (Wed)
16:15 Kick-off

Pool B Match 6

South Africa v Italy
4th October (Fri)
18:45 Kick-off

Pool D Match 9

Australia v Georgia
11th October (Fri)
19:15 Kick-off

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