City of Toyota Stadium

City of Toyota Stadium




DID YOU KNOW that the Toyota company (yes, that Toyota company, world’s second largest automaker and biggest company in Japan) originally made its name producing sewing machines? The medium-sized city of its birth is, understandably, a great place to learn all sorts of things about Toyota. The tour of the plant comes highly recommended, in fact. Or you might prefer to take in the natural beauty of the Korankei river valley, or the cityscapes of nearby Nagoya and Hamamatsu. Elsewhere in Aichi prefecture, there’s the fox shrine of Toyokawa, the sculpture island of Sakushima, the pottery of Tokoname, and of course the miso. Our food suggestion for this spot would probably have to be something made with Aichi red miso paste (go the gohei mochi!). Or inarizushi rice balls wrapped in savory fried tofu pockets– ‘fox sushi’– if you went to the fox shrine!

Home to J1 Football League Club Nagoya Grampus &
Rugby Union Top League Team Toyota Verblitz

Completed 2001

Capacity 45,000

Access  About fifteen minutes on foot from Meitetsu Toyota Stadium

Unique Japan Rugby Tour participants can enjoy our chartered shuttles to and from your scheduled matches as well as our pre/post-match parties.



Pool A Match 7

Japan v Samoa
th October (Sat)
19:30 Kick-off


Pool B Match 4

South Africa v Namibia
th September (Sat)
18:45 Kick-off


Pool B Match 9

New Zealand v Italy
th October (Sat)
13:45 Kick-off


Pool D Match 2

Wales v Georgia
rd September (Mon)
19:15 Kick-off

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