International Stadium Yokohama

International Stadium Yokohama

(Nissan Stadium)



Known as Japan’s ‘Gateway to the World’, Yokohama was one of the first port cities to open to international trade in 1859. As such, it was home to many Japanese firsts: first bakery, first cinema, first newspaper, first public toilet… Yokohama’s recognised as the second largest city in the country, with the biggest Chinatown and some of the most memorable night skyline around. Oh, and as home to Kirin as well as countless microbreweries, Yokohama is also Japan’s ‘Beer City’ (although the first beer brewed for sale was in Osaka, and the first brewery in Sapporo…). From here you can travel easily to beautiful and culturally rich destinations like Kamakura, or you could enjoy a great day’s shopping and people watching, Japanese city style. No time to get to the Yokohama Ramen Museum? Stop in somewhere for a quick bowl of steaming sanma-men, the city’s favourite noodle dish topped with stir-fried veg.

Home to J1 Football’s Yokohama F. Marinos

Completed 1998
Capacity 72,327

Access  Nissan Stadium is located a ten-minute walk from Kozukue Station on the Yokohama Line from Yokohama Station,
or fifteen minutes from Shin-Yokohama Station, in Shin-Yokohama Park.

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Pool A Match 2

Ireland v Scotland
nd September (Sun)
16:45 Kick-off


Pool A Match 10

Japan v Scotland
th October (Sun)
19:45 Kick-off


Pool B Match 1

New Zealand v South Africa
st September (Sat)
18:45 Kick-off


Pool C Match 9

England v France
th October (Sat)
17:15 Kick-off



Semi-Final 1
th October (Sat)
16:15 Kick-off



Semi-Final 2
th October (Sun)
18:00 Kick-off



nd November (Sat)
18:00 Kick-off

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